Salem Witch Trials Research Topic Ideas



Suggestions on the Salem Witch Trials Research Paper Topics

The trials of the Salem Witch took place in colonial Massachusetts between the February of 1692 and May of 1693. During this time, there were more than two-hundred people accused of witchcraft. Out of the two-hundred accused people, thirty were found guilty. Out of these thirty, about nineteen were hanged. Other than this, countless people were injured. The topics that the students can study related to the trials of the Salem Witch are mentioned below;

Provide a comparison between the trials that took place in France and Germany in the 14th and 15th centuries, respectively.

  1. List down the famous witches of the 15th and 16th centuries in Germany
  2. Explain the witchcraft that used to take place in France during the 16th and 17th centuries
  3. In the second world war, what were the responsibilities of the night witches?
  4. Explain McCarthyism’s role in the Salem Witch trials
  5. Explain the witch trials that took place in Italy during the 14th and 17th centuries
  6. Were the Salem Witch trials unfair? If so, what caused and led to these unfair trials?
  7. How did the Salem Witch trials affect society?
  8. Did religion have a role to play in the characters’ lives in the book ‘The Salem Witch trials’ written by Marilynne Roach.
  9. There is a movie called ‘The Crucible’; how accurately did it describe the actual Salem Witch trials?
  10. Was there a view of Ann Putnum’s regarding the Salem Witch trials? If so, please describe in detail.
  11. Explain the world that we would have lived in if the Salem Witch trials, Stono Rebellion and Black Death had never happened.
  12. Did Tituba's knowledge about the different cultures in the book ‘Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem’ written by Elaine Breslaw, had any influence on the Salem Witch trials?
  13. What were the lessons that were taught to us by the unfair Salem Witch trials?
  14. Did the Salem Witch trials influence the literature of the United States?
  15. Were there any social issues that were resolved after the Salem Witch trials?
  16. Is there any historical evidence of the Salem Witch trials? If so, please analyse it.
  17. What caused the Salem Witch trials? What events led to that unfair trial?
  18. Were the Salem Witch trials legal when they took place? Would it be legal if they happened today?
  19. Discuss the views of the author Laurie Winn Carlson about the Salem Witch trials
  20. Discuss the views of the historian Mary Beth Norton about the Salem Witch trials
  21. Describe Peter Charles Hoffer’s legal history concerning the Salem Witch trials


The Salem Witch trials were one of the most tragic events that took place in our history. We should learn about the reason due to which these trials took place in the first place. Afterwards, we should try and avoid repeating all those reasons so that such atrocity never happens again.


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