Different Hooks To Use When Writing Research Papers



Tips on Research Paper Hook

Most times, instructors require to write a lot of research papers. This work is generally awarded on how impressive they are from the beginning. The introductory paragraph is what puts strength in one’s research work. Besides that, the strength of the first paragraph makes the whole article or research stronger. Many people define a hook as the first statement or sentence of a paper, or sometimes it might make several statements. They are mostly written because they seem to be the introductory part of one’s thesis or topic. In other words, it helps the reader have an interest in one’s work to the extent that he or she will want to finish whatever someone has written or is writing. There are different hooks that one can use when writing research papers or assignments, and one has to be very careful about precisely what hook he or she desires to use. These different types of hooks also get affected by what subject, topic, or area of interest one has chosen to do their research or assignment on.

Types of Hooks for Research

Before anyone thinks of carrying out any writing of a report, they should research whatever they have chosen because it is from research that people get enough information about what they want or desire to do. One’s sources of his or her research have to be very valid and reference friendly because many may want to refer to one’s sources, and they face a lot of difficulty in the process.

As one starts to write, one should be able to convince whatever reader is reading his or her book; they should consider that they have to impress their audience for one to read your whole research report.

For a solid and convincing report, one’s introduction has to be very well articulated, eye-catching. One should be able to generously reward his readers with either a story or anything interesting of that sort.

  • Facts that surprise

All of us love surprises, surprise your reader with actual evidence that people call facts, and it is from these facts that they get to know that you know what you are talking about, giving them a significant chance of following you. To be that good, one has to ensure that whatever work he or she has done is credible and is an actual bit, not a fallacy or hearsay. Truth and facts make one’s work accepting, strong and liked concerning one’s research area or topic of research.

  • Making Quotations

For one’s research to be highly valued, one should make a few quotes from renowned experts or people who have been writing for a long time and are credible. By so doing, different scholars consider their work. These Quotations come with research statistics and references based on what side they are supporting.

  • The use of Rhetorical Questions

Engaging a reader is one of the best things a writer can have in his or her research. Asking Rhetorical questions to the reader attracts their attention, makes them read more, and brings in their desire to die for one’s book or research report.

  • Statements

Many people consider this to be the most common and very widely important because one statement the writer makes in his writing can either bring him more readers or chase away readers.


Hook generally helps a student discover him or herself because the essay hook gives guidelines on how to write and which essay hook is best for one. Good writers follow the advice from essay hooks.


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