Complete Guide On Structuring A Term Paper



How to Structure a Term Paper

Every student at the end of his/her final semester is required to write a term paper which is a kind of research paper. This writing task is not easy as it requires hard work, time, and effort to conduct research and write the result. 

If you want to write a term paper, there are steps that you must follow, one of which is report structuring. Structuring a term paper report is time-consuming as it has several chapters such as the title page, acknowledgments, table of content, abstract, background study, literature review, research methodology, findings and results, recommendation, and bibliography. If you need urgent help with these term paper chapters, visit and find an affordable consultant who will solve your troubles. These chapters have different writing and format requirements. Follow these guides to know about the sections contained in a term paper.

  • Title page

The title page is the first page of any term paper. This page contains the report title, your department, course, full name and student registration number, the name of your course instructor and submission date. All the information on this page is to be centred.

  • Acknowledgement Page

Acknowledgement is on the second page of a term paper. It is the page you write a note of appreciation to those who in one way or the other helped or supported you in the course of the study.

  • Table of Content

This page contains the list of the chapters with their respective page numbers written against them. Also, it includes the pages for tables, charts, diagrams and figures used in your report.

  • Abstract

This page contains a summary of the report, which includes the crucial points discussed in the report. These critical points are the report topic, research methods, the sampling techniques, the hypotheses and result findings. This part of the report is always written in italics and must not be more than half a page.

  • Background of the Study

This starts the first chapter of any report. It provides full information about the research topic and explains the reason why the topic is chosen for research. Also, it contains the definition of the main variables and hypotheses.

  • Literature Review

This is the second chapter of the report, which explains the importance of the research.

It contains a review of past studies conducted on the same topic.

  • Research Methodology

This is the third chapter containing the full information about the research methods, research models, data collection and sample size used in carrying out the research. Also, it includes the procedures used in implementing the research methodologies.

  • Results

This is the fourth chapter which contains the analysis and presentation of data collected. It gives information about the research findings and shows the tested hypotheses to either be true or false.

  • Recommendations and Conclusion

This is the last chapter which contains the researcher’s point of view and suggestions which can be useful for research about the same topic in the future.

  • Bibliography

This contains the list of literature (journals, textbooks, etc.)  that the researcher used in getting data and information. Its arrangement is typically alphabetical using the accepted APA format.


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